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The Reclamation of Brackish water ponds with acid-sulphate soils

1. The pond bottom should be dried and harrowed in the early part of the dry season
2. Fill with brackish water. The pH will drop from the natural pH of the water (7.0 - 9.0) to below 4.0. Once it has stabilised, drain the pond and repeat the process until the pH stabilises above 5.0. Several cycles may be necessary
3. Eliminate the acidification caused by run off from the banks (or levees) of the pond by forming small basins and channels in the top of the levees and filling and draining these repeatedly with the pond. Once finished distribute agricultural limestone at 0.5 - 1.0 kg/m2
4. Once the pond is stabilised at 5.0 or higher, scatter 500kg / ha of agricultural limestone across the pond bottom. Then fertilise to encourage algae.
5. Fish can be killed by seepage of rain water and run-off from surrounding soils so pond should be monitored for pH and additional limestone spread as necessary.
Brinkman and Singh (1982)