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Please read the text below before downloading.  Note you will need Winzip to decompress and use this file. If you do not have it download it from here >>>> Download
Download Winzip 7.0

Convert - Shareware

This DOS program allows a measurement using one type of unit to be converted into measurements which use other types of units. For example, feet into centimetres, litres to pints, cubic feet per minute to cubic metres per hour & so on. All conversions can be done in any direction. The display shows all the measurements which are related at the same time, so all possibilities can be seen on the one screen.
Includes conversions for:
Area Angle Density Energy Fuel consumption
Flow Rate Length Number bases Power Pressure and stress
Speed Temperature Volume Weight

The program is very simple to use and runs in DOS (or in windows, it will run in a DOS window). There is an on screen manual (press M)

Written by Frank Tapson (1991) this is a useful program. Aquatext carries no responsibility for any errors or the consequences arising from errors in the software.